hsd-85.jpg (23168 bytes) My name is Harri and my callsign is SM1OII. I got my first call SM3OII in 1983 when I still was living in Härnösand at my parents house. This is my first shack in 1985, swedish military RA-200, Siemens T100S and IC-720A.  
sm7oii-p.jpg (27288 bytes) In 1986 I moved to Gotland for a short period. In 1987 I moved to Ystad and become SM7OII. I was living in a flat in the middle of city so the only way to be active was working mobile or portable. This is me working portabel in 1988, TX RA-200, RX IC-735.  
oii-90.jpg (21534 bytes) In 1990 I moved back to Gotland. This is my shack in Lärbro. I had only a LW antenna and the TVI forced me to be QRT...  
oii-93.jpg (18996 bytes) Some months later I moved to Visby. This is my shack in 1993. In spite of the fact that I was living in a flat I could be active with 100 W on 80 and 40 meters.   
In 1994 I moved to a house in Hablingbo 60 km south of Visby and FINALLY I could put up some big antennas. My old PA with 5 6KD6 came also to use.  
In 1995 I begun to build a tower. This is the 2x2x2 meter hole for the tower base. In the hole is a 2 m mastsection + reinforcement bars. There is 8 m3 concrete in the tower base and 1,5 m3 in each bracing-wire base.  
Well, when the concrete in the tower base was hard enough I got some help from Eric/SM1ALH and Eric/SM1REI to start build the tower. It was much harder that we had belief so after 16 meter we gave up and the rest was raised by a crane from Visby...  
The top section is made by Eric/SM1REI and the antenna is a CUE DEE DUO2G. That is a 5 element 14 MHz Yagi and a 4 element 21 MHz Yagi mounted on one boom, works UFB !  
The tower is about 37 meters high and the antenna is about 35 m above ground.  
It feels good to have the ladder INSIDE the tower :-)
This is the view from the road. Unfortunately I lost my interest for HAM radio right after the tower and antennas were up. That was because I bought a Harley-Davidson chopper and became very busy with the bike and the club. I worked a few QSO:s every week but one strormy winterday in 1999 the antenna and the rotor broke down so I took down the top section and it is still in my garage...

You can find my Harley-Davidson page at http://harleychopper.se